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What You Should Know Black Lightning Dc Comics

black lightning dc comics

The Black Lightning comic book series is one of my favorite DC comic books. I grew up on those comics and have always had a soft spot for them. I decided to get a few issues of Black Lightning: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes today to enjoy at home, and to share with friends and family. 

Here Are Some Reviews Of This Great Comic Book Series

Dc Comics

This super hero was born as Dan Senne. He was a young boy when his father was killed during a mugging, forcing him to leave home to live with his aunt and uncle. He trained himself in martial arts and became the strongest fighter in town. He could easily overpower most guys with his skills, but he didn’t want to become a superhero. He didn’t want to kill or maim anyone, but instead wanted to protect the city where he grew up, Chicago.

He joined the League of Heroes, but was rejected from membership. He went into private practice and learned martial arts. During one of his classes, his professor, Dr. Curt Connor, tried to make him imbibe his own black lightning bolt power. He refused, thinking that it was against his heart. He was thrown out of the school and now works alone in order to support his niece, Katana.

Black Lightning’s Alter Ego Is Maxwell Lord

Dc Comics

Black Lightning’s alter ego is Maxwell Lord, a rich billionaire who can control other people’s actions using an unknown device called the Hand of Black Lightning. He’s been searching the world for the device and has recently been featured in a story called “The Black Mirror.” In this book, he learns that he has a daughter named Echo Wind, who also possesses the mysterious black power.

The modern day history of Black Lightning is heavily based off of the early DC comics that depicted this powerful hero. His comic books have also been some of the most popular superhero comics throughout the years. I especially like the early Black Lightning series, where he was a founding member of the Justice League. His run as a member of the team made him a beloved character and a favorite among his fans. The late Steve Orlando made a popular point about how important Black Lightning was in the DC Universe.

John Ostrander’s Black Lightning Story 

Well, aside from Steve Orlando’s DC appearances, there was also John Ostrander’s Black Lightning story that was written by Dan Jurgens and illustrated by Kurt Busiek. The late Tim Marquis was responsible for crafting the ‘New Earth’ timeline in the Dark Knight movie. It was interesting to see what would happen to this wonderful character when he was brought into the New 52 continuity. He had been gone for many years and while everyone assumed he was dead, he had actually been visiting other earths. That was his intention in the comic. So, I guess you could say he died but was reborn.

In the New 52, he joins the ranks of the Justice League. He fights villains like Parasite, Killer Croc, and Metallo Leader. One of my favorite supporting characters is Black Lightning, so if you haven’t read the Black Lightning comic, I highly suggest you do. I have a hard time reading it in color, but I know I’ll enjoy it just as much as I enjoyed the black and white versions.

Final Thoughts

There were a lot of different ways to portray the black power costume, but my personal favorite is probably Grant Morrison’s versions. They’re dark, they’re mean and they’re powerful, but they’re so funny too. The characters are so well balanced that it’s a real breath of fresh air to follow someone like Grant Morrison who writes smart, dark superhero comics. Check out “Black Lightning” if you have a chance.

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