World Of DC Comics Explained

Where Can I Read Comic Books Online For Free?

DC Comics are famous since 1930. This is the Detective storyline, which children enjoy reading. However, detective stories were the name of the popular series that came to the world holding the hands of National Allied Publications. They were in partnership with another company known as Detective stories Inc. The debut of Batman took place in the Detective story series itself. Superman debuted in Action story is another series by the same pair.

Over the years, National Allied got absorbed in the Detective Comics Inc. itself. The company then re-branded itself as ‘National Comics’. But the titles that they issued always had the label DC. The reason is, it was popular among the readers since the 1930s. Moreover, in 1977, the name ‘National Comics’ dropped. Then, Detective stories became the official name for the comics house.

The name doesn’t make sense because  ‘C’ itself stands for comics. However, it has stuck. This is because it seems natural to add the suffix ‘comics’ after the first name of a comics publishing company.

Mind-Blowing Facts About DC Comics

1. There is a city in turkey, Batman which once threatened to sue Detective stories for royalty claims.

2. Wonder women are omnilingual, which means she can speak any language.

3. During the filming of The dark “knight swat car chase scene”, one of only 4 Imax cameras(at that time) in the world got destroyed.

4. Ben Affleck is the only actor ever to portray both Batman and Superman.

5. The green arrow can shoot up to 39 arrows per minute.

6. sony offered the role of spiderman to Heath ledger (joker). But he refused to say he would be taking someone else’s dream.

7. Flash is so fast that he can build a house from top to down.

8. The invention of Kryptonite took place because Superman’s voice-over actor wanted a few days off. However, this was only possible if Superman was sick.

9. The director almost cast Cristian bale as a robin in – batman and robin.

10. Henrey cavil was initially supposed to play Superman in 2004 superman returns. But due to issues with the director, he didn’t cast him.

11. Bruce Wayne owns the building in which Superman lives and also the daily planet.

12. Batman captured All the members of the suicide squad.

World Of DC Comics Explained
World Of DC Comics Explained

Which Is Better? Marvel?

We enjoy both Marvel and Detective stories. For one to like either one of these depends upon the personal taste and mindset.

Answering your question, let us point out areas where DC is better than marvels:

  • Detective stories most of the line ups were original. Whereas, Marvel followed/copied up. Hence, this shows has innovative creativity. A few examples are Ironman from Batman, Hyperion from Superman, Thanos from Darkseid, Deadpool from Deathstroke and more.
  • It has better villains than Marvel. We believe has more dark, loud, crazy and powerfull and likable villains. All guys raise your hand if you like “JOKER”. Mic drop!!
  • These Comics come at better prices.
  • DC has better writers. DC has Frank Miller, Alan Moore, and (mostly) Grant Morrison.
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