X Men Movies In Order- All You Need To Know

x men movies in order

X Men is one of the series that makes all the action lovers very happy. There are so many movies that you can watch in this series. You will love the amazing movies that you can watch and these movies can also be watched online with ease. The movies are based on a fictional hero that has the same name as the movie. This superhero first featured in comics and then was finally made into a movie. The movie is highly successful and people love the movie for these awesome fight sequences. 

You will like these movies if you are a fan of action and these movies gained popularity all over the world. The first film of this series came in the year 2000 and then the other sequels were released after that. After the first movie, twelve other movies were released under the same franchise. If you want to know X men movies in order then this is the article that you need to read to know more. You will love these X men movies in order and these will make you feel amazing and you can watch them in chronological order. 


X Men Movies

This was the first movie that was released under the franchise and if you are wanting to watch the series then this is the first thing that you need to see. The film introduced Logan and Rogue to us and it became a favorite among people. There are so many amazing moments that this film offers and if you watch it then you will love it. This movie is amazing and this was the basis for all the movies that came under the franchise. The movie was directed by Bryan Singer and although he was not a fan of comics, he was fascinated by the analogies in the movie. You will also love the caste of the movie and you must watch it to see whether you like the movie or not.


X Men Movies

This is another movie that came in the franchise and it came next to X men and you can watch it online with ease. There were two people who were requested to write scripts for the movie and then Singer chose one of the scripts. Then the script was rewritten and then the shooting started. It was released in 2003 and became a hit which is one of the best things about this movie.

X-Men: The Last Stand 

In this movie, there is a cure developed for the mutant and this is the movie that you should watch. You can watch the movie online and you can enjoy it with your loved ones. Brett Ratner directed the movie after some problems but then finally it was completed and released.


These are all the X men movies in order and you can watch the movies in this order. You can watch these movies with ease on online platforms and this will make you feel great. These are some of the best movies that you can watch in the genre and you will love the ways these movies will make you feel. 

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