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Zoom DC Comics – Here Are Some Secret Facts You Should Know About Hunter Zoloman

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Zoom DC comics is one of the most popular comic magazines, including some fantastic characters like Hunter Zolomon and Edward Clariss. Hunter Zoloman is the actual character and name of this comic which was published by DC Comics. As a result, this comic book is also named as Hunter Zoloman Zoom and Zoom DC comics.

The entire story is based on Hunter Zoloman, which is popularly known for their incredible speed and journey. This comic book’s story has changed over the years, and many other characters and incidents are added.

Here we’re revealing some secret facts about Hunter Zoloman, which you probably don’t know about.

Enhancing The Flash Power Was Always His Motivation

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As the story begins, the main character Hunter Zoloman is actually not evil; due to specific incidents, he develops a wicked personality. Until the end of the story, he never wholly became evil, but his wicked personality developed many unfortunate situations in the entire storyline.

As he experiences many defeats, Hunter Zoloman was super influenced by the villains present in the storyline. One of the biggest mistakes Zoloman made in the entire storyline is he gives Wally West tragedy for the sake of becoming the strongest person in the world.

Once he loses Wally West from his hands, his life becomes hell, and he struggles throughout the story. When you read this comic box, you’ll have a clear understanding of the struggles Hunter Zoloman faced in the entire journey.

He Possesses The Ability To Control His Life, Age, Speed, And Everything Else

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In the latter part of this comic book, the famous chapter is the ‘DC Rebirth.’ After this chapter, Hunter Zoloman is wholly changed and possessed many other exciting skills. As a result, he plays with Barry Allen and Wally West to get rid of the force wall.

As Hunter Zoloman breaks the force walls, he becomes more powerful by acquiring the speed force skill. Later, he gets the full freedom of making the most out of Telekinesis and Telepathy. He becomes powerful enough to play with the gravity and other powers present on the earth.

In a nutshell, he gets the ability to manipulate his forces and anything present on the planet.

He Actually Migrated From The New Earth

In the DC universe, unfortunate crises are always unpredictable. Sometimes, the characters of this universe tried to destroy everything on the earth for their own benefit. Many crises occurred, some people died, and some survived. All the survived characters directly migrated to the new world.

Hunter Zoloman, Earth 2 Superman, and Superboy-Prime are some major characters who migrated from the New Earth. The only thing is Hunter Zoloman is the one fine character who remembered everything about what happened before, during, and after the crisis.

Final Words

There are many lesser-known facts you probably don’t know about Zoom DC comics. Even if you’ve read this comic book multiple times, you would have probably never realized about these facts. If you haven’t read this interesting comic, grab it from the comic publishers.

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